Growing Green Earthworm Castings Inc.

A specialty fertilizer using nature naturally.

Great News!

We are officially "Certified Input Approved" by Ecocert. So all you organic and non organic farmers were are here for you!

More great news! Veseys Seeds Ltd. will now carry our product in their catalogs for all of those who will want a mail out orders please contact Veseys Seeds Ltd., York, PE.      P 902-368-7333.

 Our new bags! This is our 15 liter bag, directions on the back. We are have great feedback on our logo design, thanks to our oldest son for his talented drawings.

 Here are our 3 bag sizes. They range from 3, 6 and 15 liter bags. See our dealers list on the menu board to see where you can purchase this wonderful product. 

This is our new label, both French and English is on this! The back of the bags now have our "How to use" stated right on there to give you guidelines to help you out.

Try it with your transplants, add very little to the root zone.

Even wineries are using some.

Tomatoes love castings.

Pure Earthworm Castings are an incredible organic fertilizer and soil conditioner that is of unsurpassed fertility. Because it has an abundance of readily available, non-burning nutrients, you add only a little in your plants. Earthworm castings go much farther and produce results that are simply far superior to those of conventional manures, compost or other organic fertilizers.

Try it once and you will see definite differences in the yield, size, health, and color of your vegetables, fruit, flowers, houseplants, lawns and more.

Use in in your fields and gardens.

Use into your greenhouse, on all plants.

Do you love garlic? Try some next time you plant your garlic seeds, you will see the difference it makes.



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